New Features and Testing

Specify Software Project Staff
1 April 2013
Version 1.0

  Feature Description Testing Directions Ready
To Test
Schema Update Schema update when starting for the first time, it updates from 1.7 to 1.8, should test from 1.5 ->1.8, and 1.6 ->1.8 To test make sure at least one record in any of the tables with GUIDs has a value (any value). After logging in check the table and make sure that they all have GUIDs with the new format that looks something like this: 009e15d1-b26e-40de-b4f5-3503de72e06b instead of something resembling an URL/URN. Y

Not all databases changes are currently included.

  • Determinations needs a GUID field (Fixed)
  • There maybe DNA changes
  • Possible GUID removal table.
Attachment Browser

Show All Attachments should show a page of icons representing the attachments for png, jpg, gif, and pdf it should show a thumbnail of the image for the first page for the pdf. For other types of attachments it should show a standard icon.


  1. Double clicking on the icon should open a new tab and show the image, for other icons it should launch an external application that knows what to do with the file based on 'mime type.' If the external system does not have a mime type registered for a file type then it should do nothing.
  2. The 'i' button in the bottom right corner of the icon should pop up a window showing details about the image. There will be a button in the popup window for open a form for data object.
  3. The 'i' icon in the lower right of the page window should open a right side pane that will display: a) a larger image, b) some details information about the object, c) it will show a dot on the map if it is mappable.
  4. The 'md' icon in the lower right of the page window should open a bottom pane that will contain and embedded information. This will only display results for images that have embedded info. Test images with and without embedded information.
Y This should be completely working and bugs should now be files on it.
Fix Converter to convert Synonyms correctly Syns are being reparented when they should not. Use the converter to convert a Sp5 database with synonyms, and make sure they stay under the original parent node. N Haven't started engineering work yet.
Tree Synonym Tree Fix When DB gets converted to schema version 1.8, any synonyms that were wrongly reparent from a Sp5->Sp6 conversion will be reparented by looking at the first or only token in the full name and then looks up the node and reparents it if it is still there. Create a tree (or find one) with synonyms parented too the wrong parent and have one synonyms where the first token in the full name still exists, then have another node where the first token doesn't exist so it can't get reparented. N Haven't started engineering work yet.
Search Results When the results of a search are returned. A paperclip icon will now be available in the colored bar for each box. This will perform a search for any images associated with any of the items in that results box. Y  
Importing Images Where File name is the Catalog Number with and without extra characters for multiple images per Catalog Number.
  1. Import image files where the file name is the Cat Num (2000.png, 2001.png)
  2. Import image files where the file name is the Cat Num is numeric plus extra characters: (2000.png, 2000A.png, 2000B.png, 2000_A.png, 2000_1.png)
  3. Import image files where the file name is the Cat Num is a format with fixed length plus extra characters: (2012-0001.png, 2012-0001A.png, 2012-0001B.png, 2012-0001_A.png, 2012-0001_1.png)
  4. Import image files where the file name is the Cat Num is a format with variable length (this is a new formatter) plus extra characters: (AA-0001.png, AA-0001A.png, AAA-0001B.png, AAAA-0001_A.png, B-0001_1.png, -0001_1.png)
Y Ready for testing.
Importing Image Index/Mapping file The user can select a CSV or TAB file for import. The file contains two columns: 1) Catalog Number 2) Image Name. They are separated by either a comma (csv file) or a <tab> (tab file). The mapping file must be in the same directory as the images.
  1. File that has one column
  2. File that has no columns
  3. Empty File
  4. File with two columns but separated by a semi-colon
  5. File where some of the Catalog Numbers don't exist
  6. File where some of the images are missing
  7. File where: the file is valid but the images are in a different directory (nearly the same as #6)
  8. File where multiple images are mapped to the same Cat Num (this is valid)
  9. File where multiple images with the same name are mapped to the same Cat Num (duplicates should be ignored).
Y Ready for testing.
Image Tray in Form Instead of the attachments being a 'sub-form button', the sub view has an attribute 'btn=false' which embeds the sub-form directly into the parent form. The Icon view can be set to be the 'default' 'altview' and then the user can drag-n-drop images directly onto the Icon View. Put Icon View as a full sub-view on a form and be able to drag and drop images onto it. Y Ready for testing.
Variable Length Field Formatters New formatter where a prefix for suffix segment can be variable length.   N (Not scheduled for 6.5)
iPad Exporting Compresses and exports database to the 'cloud' for download by an iPad user. (will write up later) N (Not scheduled for 6.5)
Geography Cleanup Tools

Add ISO Codes

The best approach is to test with a previous DB that does not have any values in the GeographyCode field. The things that can be done for Adding ISO. Y (Not scheduled for 6.5)
Merge Duplicates Merges to nodes that represent the same node, for example have a California parented to a USA country, then have a node named 'United States' and have it have a 'California' node also. Both California nodes should have Col Objs that have a CE that have a Loc that have a Geography that uses each of them. Then when they are merged you can verify that all of the Col Objs are still 'pointing' to the geography. Y (Not scheduled for 6.5)
Agent Clean Up Exact Match Merging Matches on the exact string values for LastName, FirstName, MiddleInitial, should be case-insensitive. N (Not scheduled for 6.5)
Full Name Separation When the LastName field contains the entire name then this tool should try to separate the single string into the LastName, FirstName, and Middle Initial parts. Try every single combination of Last, First and Middle you can think of, also with and with period for middle initials etc. N (Not scheduled for 6.5)
Fuzzy Match Merging Create many duplicate agent names where they may be spelt different by one character or short one character. Try other converted databases. Make sure there ends up being only one again when you are done. N (Not scheduled for 6.5)
Schema Mapper Changed to enable the schema mapping for both IPT and for the Web Portal. Test out both types of mapping. Y  
Web Portal Web Search (see Tim for detailed instructions) Y