Specify Web Road Map

Specify Software Project Staff
03 Dec. 2012
Version 1.0


The end goal of Specify Web is to provide a world-class web-based Collections Management system. The side effect of this will be to retire the most or all of the tick client as we know it today. The only part of the thick client that I think is destined to stay a client side application is the iReport Design tool including the direct integration with the Specify Query system.

The initial pass at putting together a road map is to divide the work into two major phases. The first phase is geared at enabling the user to perform all of their daily CM tasks through the browser The second phase moves all of the 'background' functionality of the Specify Thick Client or to web-based interfaces. It is at the end of the second phase that the Thick Client may be 'retired'.

Although I have shown each phase to have just two milestones I think as the requirements get more flushed out and refined it is reasonable to have several more milestones per phase. The following table is a feature/requirements list that was derived from the 'Components Overview' page.

Component Priorities

Priority Status Component Requirements Assigned To
1 App User Interface Login Dialog Ben
1 App User Interface Toolbar Tim
1 App User Interface Side Bar Tim
1 App User Interface Solve multiple tabs issue Tim
1 Complete Attachments Non-Media object tied to mime types Ben
1 Collection Relationships Plugin Needed  
1 Container UI Plugin needed  
1 Data Entry Working forms for CRUD - Infrastructure is complete, still working on plugins Ben
1 Exporter Excel (from RecordSet)  
1 Complete Express Search Same as Thick Client - Ben
1 Complete Georeferencing Use GEOLocate from the form system to Georeference Ben
1 Complete Mapping Be able to launch a map window from a form Ben
1 Query Builder Searches Run QB searches created in the TC from the Web UI Ben & Tim
1 Complete RecordSet Management Step through RecordSet in Form System Ben
1 RecordSet Management Create RecordSet from Search Results Markus
1 Display Trees Display Hierachical data as a tree for thin client Markus
  Tree Editing Edit trees in the thin client Markus
  Apply HUH Tree Changes Complete the changes HUH has made in order to remove tree locking in the Thick Client Markus
  WebPortal Docs   Tim
2 Administration Functions Preferences  
2 Attachments Media Objects  
2 Attachments Special functionality for images  
2 Collection Management Repository Requests  
2 Collection Management Accessions (taking legal ownership)  
2   Collection Management Permits  
2 Collection Management Info Requests  
2 Collection Management Loans  
2 Collection Management Gifts  
2 Collection Management Exchanges  
2 Exporter KML / KMZ for mapping  
2 Exporter Mobile Data  
2 Georeferencing Use GEOLocate in 'batch mode'  
2 Georeferencing Use GEOLocate in the WorkBench  
2 GUID Support Commit to an approach  
2 GUID Support Enable a pluggable engine  
2 GUID Support Assign GUIDs to new records  
2 GUID Support Assign GUIDs to existing records  
2 Mapping Integration into the form system for maps, this means show a map right there in the form (not in thick client)  
2 Mapping Generate KML/KMZ files for maps (see Exporter)  
2 Query Builder Searches Share QB searches between users (intended for the TC but never fully implemented)  
2 Query Builder Searches Image Searches  
2 Reporting and Labels Current iReports Thick Client (TC) designer (integration between Specify and iReport designer) needs to be re-architected to work with iReport's new NetBeans framework. We are currently stuck on a very old version of JasperReports because of this.  
2 WorkBench Rapid Data Entry in a Grid  
2 WorkBench Validation  
2 WorkBench Date Formatter  
2 WorkBench Lat/Lon Format Helper  
2 WorkBench Mapping of Columns  
2 WorkBench Exporting to Excel  
2 WorkBench Mapping (terrestrial)  
2 WorkBench Carry Forward  
2 WorkBench Georeferencing (GEOLocate)  
3 Administration Functions Resource Import/Export  
3 Administration Functions Field Formatter Tool  
3 Administration Functions Data Object Formatter Tool  
3 Administration Functions Auto Numbering Scheme Tool (only partially done in the TC)  
3 Administration Functions Collection Relationships Set up tool  
3 Data Clean Up Tools Agents  
3 Data Clean Up Tools Geography  
3 Data Clean Up Tools Localities  
3 Geospacial Searches The client has this feature but it isn't shipping  
3 Mobile Data Export Builds optimized and compressed database for mobile apps. Will ship in the next trunk release.  
3 Plugin Infrastructure UI (in forms)  
3 Plugin Infrastructure Major components  
3 Plugin Infrastructure RecortdSets  
3 Query Builder Searches Create Query Builder for the Web (like the Thick Client - not started)  
3 Query Builder Searches Import / Export Queries  
3 SGR Full Integration. The TC implementation uses WorkBench functionality.  
3 Specify App Schema Localizer  
3 Web-based Specify Wizard Used for creating and initializing new databases.  
3 WorkBench Form Mode  
4 Authority API Internal linkage to standard Authority (files):  
4 Authority API Agents  
4 Authority API Geography  
4 Authority API Taxonomy  
4 Authority API Localities (possibly)  
4 Exporter Mapper Tool implemented with Web UI  
? Collaboration Multiple institutions contributing to a shared cataloging effort  
? Collaboration Monitoring of progress  
? Collaboration Sharing of information (e.g. Localities, etc)  
? Georeferencing Integration with GEOLocate's group georeferencing functionality?  
? Reporting and Labels Unclear if a web-based designer exists iReports - research needed.