Restoring A Database Dump Into Specify 6 EZDB

Specify Software Project Staff
02 June 2010
Version 1.0


The following steps makes use of a full install of MySQL to access and upload a dump file into a Specify 6 EZDB stand-alone database.

Step #1

First, shutdown the existing MySQL server if it is running. On the Mac I used the System Preference panel to do this. The following command is supose to work:

mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown

Step #2

Create a database using the SpWizardEZDB. Make sure you name the database appropriately.

Step #3

Edit the mysql conf file to point at the EZDB database. On the Mac it is: /etc/my.conf

Change the mysqld_safe section to look like this:


Key Value
datadir This points at the data directory for the MySQL files.
basdir This points to where mysql is installed.
user This should be your user name.

Step #4

Startup the mysqld_safe daemon:

cd /usr/local/mysql

sudo ./bin/mysqld_safe
100602 13:36:55 mysqld_safe Logging to '/Users/rods/Documents/Specify/testfish_data/data/'.
100602 13:36:55 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /Users/rods/Documents/Specify/testfish_data/data

Step #5

Restore the database via the command line:

mysql -u Specify -p testfish < testfish.sql

Step #6

Shutdown the mysqld_safe daemon and then comment out or remove the extra lines that were entered into the my.cnf file.

All done.